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Pin, Post, Push to Promote Planning

Last fall, APA President Mitch Silver asked me to serve as an advisor helping him understand how he as APA president and the APA organization could expand the use of social media. I later sent Mitch a tweet with an idea to have a class develop strategies. Sixteen undergraduates at Ohio State University took on the challenge to pin, post and push to promote planning. Over the last three weeks they worked furiously to look at the opportunities for planners to engage through social media. You can see the full report “Report to APA President Mitch Silver on Social Media Strategies

At the APA conference in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to share a brief summary of the report as part of the Fast, Funny, and Passionate session on Sunday at 7:15 am. In this session Professor Cowley spent seven minutes sharing the most humorous ways that planning can be shared. The examples in this presentation are sure to delight.

We also prepared a series of slides that students Kevin Kohn, Brittany Kubinski, and Sam Robbins we shared with APA President Mitch Silver.

This student project was great opportunity to explore the potential of social media within professional associations.



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