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Building a Coursera Introduction Video

This week has been a busy one with much effort by Tom Sanchez, myself and our amazing technology team (Tom Evans and Jennifer Cooke) here at Ohio State University. Our goal was to have our Coursera TechniCity course page up before the Thanksgiving holiday. In just a week we were able to pull everything together that we needed.

My favorite part was building the course introduction video. I had looked through many of the Coursera introduction videos. Many provided an excellent introduction by the professor to the course content, such as Jim Fowler’s Introduction to Calculus. Yet, when I stumbled upon the introduction to improvisation video I was blown away. The idea of actually showing what students learn, through improvisation was quite impressive. That along with the Chick Corea introducing how amazing instructor Gary Burton is really helped to capture why this course will be amazing. I’m sure that music students across the world will decide to take advantage of this experience.

For our own video, the course is about cities so I felt compelled to help integrate images and videos that capture the globes cities and the excitement of being in an urban environment. I had fun over a period of days deciding on a soundtrack that captures the tempo of a city. And pouring over hundreds of images of cities around the world to capture the best and most visually interesting. I also enjoyed going through my own photographic archive of images and pulling up memories of what I saw in these amazing cities.

Our quick effort resulted in a video that makes me excited about teaching the course! And my hope is that it will equally excite prospective students to want to learn about technology and our cities.



One thought on “Building a Coursera Introduction Video

  1. Looking forward to the course! I am hoping the imaginative way of using the video imagery feeds into the course.

    Posted by Graeme | January 16, 2013, 8:20 am

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