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Mobile Apps that Support Planning

Today I gave a presentation called “Mobile Planning: There’s an App For That” for the American Planning Association’s Chapters and Divisions Webcast series. More than 400 planners across the US participated. This is part of my annual update of the latest apps that support planning. In the coming days a video version of the presentation … Continue reading

Building a Coursera Introduction Video

This week has been a busy one with much effort by Tom Sanchez, myself and our amazing technology team (Tom Evans and Jennifer Cooke) here at Ohio State University. Our goal was to have our Coursera TechniCity course page up before the Thanksgiving holiday. In just a week we were able to pull everything together … Continue reading

Jumping into MOOCs – Planning for TechniCity

This month the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning held its annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was invited to serve on the Presidential  session on Distance Education and Planning Education – What are the key opportunities and issues? I learned about the University of Florida’s online degree in planning, as well as Kansas State … Continue reading

Deploying iPads in planning processes – Follow Ohio State’s experiment

This fall is an exciting time. I’m teaching, along with Jason Sudy, a fantastic studio (CRP 4910: Realizing the Plan) this fall that is focused on using ipads as a principal data collection tool in a campus master plan.  As many know I’m a technology enthusiast and I’m always thinking about great ways to integrate … Continue reading

Final Report from PlanningTech

This spring students at Ohio State University worked to create “Pin, Post, Push to Promote Planning.” A strategy guide for APA President Mitch Silver that provides opportunities for how planners can engage through social media, with a focus on how the American Planning Association could engage with both its members and the public. We also … Continue reading

Understanding the Trends from the APA Conference

Like many others at the APA conference in Los Angeles I learned a lot. After last year’s APA national conference Kristen Carney @cubitplanning, Brittany Kubinski @b_kubinski and I @evanscowley analyzed the tweets for the conference. Brittany and I decided to do the same this year and compare what trends have continued and what new trends have emerged. The attendees … Continue reading

There’s An App for That

At the APA National Conference in LA I gave a presentation on mobile apps for planning, slides available. As a quick summary here are three mobile apps that are being used by planners. CycleTracks: Back in 2010, planners in San Francisco wanted to study bicycle users. CycleTracks is an app that uses GPS to record … Continue reading

Pin, Post, Push to Promote Planning

Last fall, APA President Mitch Silver asked me to serve as an advisor helping him understand how he as APA president and the APA organization could expand the use of social media. I later sent Mitch a tweet with an idea to have a class develop strategies. Sixteen undergraduates at Ohio State University took on … Continue reading

LOLCATS for City Planners

Next week planners from across the country will be gathering for the National American Planning Association Conference in Los Angeles. I’ll be participating in several sessions, including APA’s Fast, Funny, and Passionate session, which is designed to entertain and educate. My pecha kucha is called “Pin, Post, and Push to Promote Planning.” The purpose is … Continue reading

LOLCAT on the Main Street Bridge in Columbus

LOLCAT on the Main Street Bridge in Columbus

Cat lounging on the pedestrian deck on the new Main Street Bridge in Columbus, Ohio.

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